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Power Hire – How to hire the best employees in Denver, Colorado and beyond!

Are you considering hiring new employees in your department in 2014? If so, consider your hiring process carefully. Although it’s difficult to measure the exact cost of employee turnover, a report published by the Center for American Progress estimates the cost of hiring a new employee is 20% of that employee’s annual salary. We can help you learn how to hire the best employees in Denver, Colorado and beyond.

Costs that go into the hiring process include: lowered productivity (the time it takes a new employee to get up to speed), overworking remaining staff, loss of knowledge and experience, training costs, interviewing costs and recruiting costs.

So, it is important to make sure that you are hiring the right person the right time. Traditional hiring and interviewing processes don’t always lend themselves towards successful hiring. We believe it is important to see someone in action, understand their personality style, and determine if they are a good fit for the job AND the team they will be working with. How can you find all of that out in an interview process?

We have created a program for organizations and teams who are looking for the best match called “Power Hire™.” Power Hire™ is a program that will guide you through the entire hiring process from start to finish. After you gather 5-15 qualified candidates, Transformative Training administers the DiSC personality style assessments to those candidates and works with you and your hiring team to discuss your hiring needs, your current team, and who might be the best fit for your team.

The second part of the process is even more exciting. We work with the candidate group (and members of your current team if you choose) to conduct a 2-3 hour team development session/interview.  This includes hands-on problem solving activities that take the candidates out of their usual, prepared rote answers that can be given during one-on-one interviews, and put them in situations where there are time limits and they have to work with others under “fun pressure” to solve problems.

This gives you the opportunity to observe candidates in action real time, and gives you insight that you would never get during a typical one-on-one “talking” interview.

After the group interview, we work with your hiring team to again review the candidates and narrow the candidates down to 2 or 3 for one-on-one customized interviews. We coach you through the entire process. We also work with your HR team (if you have one) to make sure the process is in alignment with your current hiring policies.

Here is what one of our clients had to say about the Power Hire™ process: “The Power Hire process had a huge impact on who I ultimately chose to hire. The person I would have normally hired was just like me – my same personality style, and what I came to understand is that I did not need another me, I needed someone to balance out my big-picture thinking. The person I ended up hiring definitely stood out during the group, hands-on problem solving. She was thoughtful, super smart and detail oriented, just what I needed! I would not have seen that in a typical interview process. She is one of the best employees I ever hired thanks to Power Hire! I will not go back to my old way of hiring.” Mark D., Immigration Attorney

If you are considering conducting the hiring process on your own, at the very least make sure that you have a snapshot of your team’s personality styles (DiSC or MBTI) and think about what personality styles would complement your current team and job responsibilities.

While personality style obviously should not be the ONLY criteria to hiring new employees, it goes a long way in helping you understanding who you are hiring and how they might fit in with your team and job position.

If you need support in learning how to hire the best employees in Denver, Colorado and beyond, please contact us at Jeannie@transformativetraining.comor (303) 532-4393. All the best with your business and team development efforts in 2014!

We have 100% client satisfaction and almost all of our clients are repeat clients. Join us in 2014 and make this your most successful team development year yet!

Power Hire – We offer support for you to hire the best employees in Denver, Colorado and beyond!

All the best for a successful 2014!

Jeannie Gunter, MA
Founder and President, Transformative Training

Jeannie Gunter, MA

Jeannie Gunter, MA

Founder, Transformative Solutions

303 653-3097

Jeannie works with a wide variety of clients to help them increase their team effectiveness and leadership capacity in their teams. She has worked both nationally and internationally as an organizational consultant, facilitator, speaker and wilderness guide.

With a strong background in group dynamics, over the past 20 years Jeannie has guided hundreds of teams in a wide variety of organizations to successful outcomes in team, personal and professional development.


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