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 If you have not experienced the personality profileEverything DiSC Work of Leaders in Denver, Colorado – I highly recommend it.  It focuses on three fundamental aspects of leadership for every leader to develop:

Creating a Vision
Building Alignment
Executing the Vision

As leaders, we have some natural strengths and others we have to work on. This assessment gives you a clear picture of leadership best practices and where you fall on that scale.

Creating a Vision
Consider the following: To have mastery in Creating a Vision for your team or organization, you would need to be adept at the following skills:

Exploring ideas
Boldness – putting those ideas out there
Testing assumptions – (seeking counsel)

 I recently worked with an executive team who had some “aha” moments around working through this assessment. While the CEO was very skilled at exploring ideas and putting them out there, (characteristics of a fast-paced, results oriented leader) she did not have a regular practice of seeking counsel to test her own assumptions.The impact on her team is that they were continually backtracking to try new strategies to implement the CEOs ideas.
Building Alignment
People want to feel like they are part of the vision, able to contribute to it, and understand how they fit into the big picture. These are the skills that a leader needs to master to build alignment on their team.
Clarity – explaining rationale
Dialogue – exchanging perspectives
Inspiration – being encouraging
This same executive had disclosed that people in her organization were expressing confusing over the direction and vision of the organization. We discovered during the assessment that her score on Clarity was low – she preferred impromptu messaging and was not giving her team consistent messages about the vision of the organization. She has now set a goal to work on the clarity and consistency of her messaging.
Executing the Vision
Execution is making the vision a reality. As a leader, you must make sure that all the conditions are in place so that your team can execute the vision.
Momentum – initiating action
Structure – providing a plan
Feedback – offering praise & addressing problems
Many leaders we work with have little problem with Momentum – but providing in-depth analysis is often an opposite skill to initiating action. This is where a team approach can be useful. Ideally, your leadership team has a variety of personality styles and skills to balance each other out.
If you are interested in exploring the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders in Denver, Colorado for your leadership team, take a look at a sample report

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Jeannie Gunter, MA
President, Transformative Training  contact@transformativetraining.comDiSCUnderstandingPers

Jeannie Gunter, MA

Jeannie Gunter, MA

Founder, Transformative Solutions

303 653-3097

Jeannie works with a wide variety of clients to help them increase their team effectiveness and leadership capacity in their teams. She has worked both nationally and internationally as an organizational consultant, facilitator, speaker and wilderness guide.

With a strong background in group dynamics, over the past 20 years Jeannie has guided hundreds of teams in a wide variety of organizations to successful outcomes in team, personal and professional development.


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