Errors in hiring can be costly and time-consuming. Do you ever have to make difficult hiring or firing decisions? Do you wish you could hire the right person the first time? Hiring An Executive Coach in Denver, Colorado can help!

As an Executive Coach in Denver, Colorado, I often help leaders make these challenging decisions around hiring and firing. Hiring a new team member is one of the most important decisions you will make that impacts your team. On the other hand, keeping the wrong person too long can have devastating results on your team and organization.

I had a CEO recently who wondered why her main administrator wasn’t a good fit for her job? It turns out she was exactly the opposite personality style of what was needed in that position! Everyone suffered as a result of that ill placement.

So how can you do your best to hire the right person for the job? One dimension that is crucial to the best job placement has to do with personality styles.

The personality of your potential new hire isn’t the ONLY criteria that matter, but it certainly matters. For example, my sister is an auditor and CPA. She has a very different personality than I do. She dislikes getting up in front of groups and is very happy in her role. If you put ME in her role, I would be miserable and I would do a terrible job.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to figure out what personality is a good match for your job.

Step 1. Create a realistic list of duties and job descriptions for your position
Step 2. Identify the best style to fit the position you need. Ask yourself these questions:
Do I need someone who is methodical and detail oriented and thorough? or
Do I need someone who is big picture, decisive and fast paced?

Do I need someone who is relational, friendly and warm? or
Do I need someone who is task-oriented and mostly cares about getting results?

If you are already familiar with the DiSC, you will know that if you need someone big picture and fast-paced you will be looking at either a “D” or an “I” personality style. In general, a D will be more driven and task-oriented and an I will be more people-oriented and inspiring.

If you need someone who is more methodical, detail oriented and thorough, that would be an “S” or a “C”. An S will be more warm and friendly and a C will prefer to work alone and focus getting a thorough job completed.

Caveat: Obviously these are generalizations and a person’s experience, background and many other factors contribute to whether or not they are a good fit for your position.

Step 3. Choose your top several candidates for the position. As part of your hiring process, assess their personality. You can either do this using your knowledge of the DISC or you can contact me and ask me to send them a personality style assessment for a small charge.

Once you have all of this information, you can either make the decision on your own or schedule a coaching session to talk through the decision. The most effective leaders I have worked with regularly seek the counsel and support of an Executive Coach in Denver, Colorado.

I hope you are growing this year and need to make decisions about hiring new people! All the best to you as we gallop into 2017.

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