A large project I hired Jeannie to consult for was a year and a half-long with a company in the hospitality industry. The focus was to develop a leadership training course to be delivered over nine days to small groups of supervisors and managers. Jeannie spent many hours doing needs assessments and co-creating the curriculum from scratch. Her responsibility was to create the communication, conflict management and emotional intelligence curriculum with experiential exercises. She did an outstanding job.

Pam N., President, Arete Adventures

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Customized Corporate Curriculum Development in Denver

Transformative Training is one of the top team building consulting firms in Denver. We are experienced in customized corporate curriculum development in Denver to meet your specific needs for team and leadership development. As a matter of fact, other team building organizations across the country hire us for our expertise in curriculum development! As consultants, we have experience creating:

  • New Hire Orientation training
  • Diversity training
  • Leadership training intensives
  • Customer service training
  • Work-life balance retreats

As one of the most experienced team building consulting firms in Denver, we provide curriculum development services throughout Front range, including Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

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