Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Andrew Carnegie

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Charity Corporate Amazing Race Challenge – Team Building Events in Denver

Team Scavenger Hunt – Team Building Events in Denver

Picture your team with a mission. You are divided into several smaller teams. We are in a downtown area near your office or at a large park. Each team has a goal – to creatively solve a series of clues that will take you from one venue to another to collect resources for your charity. All the while you will be brainstorming, collaborating and using the strengths of your team to get you there! This is a fun and bonding team building event.  Often hilarious, your group will be asked to capture your journey on camera, which we will share at the end of the program with the group and award recognition to the most “effective” (or outrageous) team.

This is a great outdoor team building activity – but we can also adjust for inclement weather if there is a nearby mall or large museum for a fun indoor team building event.

We recommend pairing this with a half-day Personality Style DiSC program for maximum learning and value.

Learning Objectives & Program Results

  • Gain a better understanding of your team members
  • Bring out each other’s strengths
  • Encourage and build-on each others’ creativity
  • Stay fully engaged
  • Collaborate as a group
  • Problem-solve in a fast-paced environment
  • Overcome challenges
  • Have fun!

In many of our team building activities we strive to involve the community whenever we can. This gives you an opportunity to see and experience the fruits of your efforts, and it helps to bring the learning home. In the case of The Amazing Charity Corporate Race you have the option of having your race be about collecting items to give to a local charity of your choice such as school supplies, toys, food or toiletry items.


  • Introduction – overview of the day
  • Icebreakers – fun activities to mix your teams, get to know each other better 
and have fun!
  • Learning foundations – set the theme for the day according to your
organizational goals – this could be problem solving, communication,
creativity, accountability, or understanding personality styles
  • The mission – groups are given their first clue and the corporate race is on!
  • Closing debrief and application to work environment

Make it a full-day learning program by adding in a half-day of skill building:

We provide fun team building events in Denver and Scavenger Hunts in Colorado and beyond.

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