Our event was a fantastic success! Jeannie was amazing . . . I’ve had people stopping by my office all day today with compliments on the program! Until our next event – thanks!

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Team Building Challenge – Team Building Programs in Colorado

Team Building Challenge™

The purpose of a Team Building Challenge™ is to have fun while fully engaging in highly experiential activities designed to challenge your team to perform to a higher level. This team challenge adventure is appropriate for all fitness levels. Successful teams understand there is always room for improvement. By pairing problem solving activities with debriefs around themes of communication, leadership and team performance, Team Building Challenge™ takes your team to the next level of performance. We suggest pairing this with a half-day DiSC Personality Style program for maximum learning and value. This is one of the best team building programs in Colorado!

Learning Objectives & Program Results

  • Create an environment of safe risk-taking and innovation
  • Greater trust
  • Heightened team commitment
  • Establish and clarify team goals
  • Raise the bar on team achievement
  • Identify and build on group strengths and challenges
  • Grow in the areas of communication, leadership and decision making
  • Reflect on how insights relate to workplace team performance
  • Receive coaching and feedback from each other and the facilitators
  • Commit to goals and a plan for implementing insights into the workplace
  • Have fun and energize your team!

There is an ancient saying that goes “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” We really like to have fun while we are learning (and we’ve noticed that others do too) so we’ve designed Team Building Challenge to be engaging, dynamic and effective.


  • Introduction and warm-up
  • Goal setting for the day
  • Experiential activities
    We present you with a series of hand-on activities and events designed to create awareness around how your team is currently operating – and then look at where you want to go. Through these facilitated activities, team members are encouraged to reflect on the group dynamics, strengths and challenges, and communicate openly about individual and team performance. These activities will involve both mental and physical challenges. With the support of your group you will be encouraged to step outside your typical ways of thinking and acting and step into your learning zone! Depending on the needs of your group the challenges may be more mental or physical in nature. Safety is always our primary concern.
  • Closing debrief and application to the workplace

We provide fun team building programs in Colorado and beyond.

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