The activities and interactions were great. They really helped to push the material forward without being corny. The program was very professionally delivered


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2-Minute Corporate Training Needs Assessment Denver

Transformative Training provides this complementary corporate training needs assessment Denver. This mini-questionnaire is designed to provide a preliminary assessment of the health of your company or team based on 5 crucial factors of success.  Answer the following questions as honestly as possible on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being “poor” and 5 being near perfect.  Then, submit the results and we will contact you to go over your corporate training needs assessment form results and talk about what type of program would best suit your team learning objectives.

The best use of this assessment is when your whole team takes the assessment. This gives us valuable insight and information when we plan your program. We take pride in customizing our trainings to fit your needs. Thank you for filling out the corporate training needs assessment Denver. We look forward to speaking with you!






If someone has a problem or conflict, they go directly to the person to resolve it rather than talking “behind their back”.

There is a clear flow of communication between all levels in the organization — people know what is going on and why.

We have a true “open-door” policy — management and leadership truly want to hear feedback and ideas from everyone.

Sincerely listening to others with an open mind is something we practice on a daily basis.


Each person is encouraged to develop their strengths and talents by their supervisors.

People are built up for what they are doing right and given positive feedback.

People are asked for their input regarding decisions that may effect them.

People have a clear vision and understanding of the mission and future of the company .

Trust and Creativity

People feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas — even if their thoughts are contrary to what executives have said.

Team members go out of their way to support each other and make each other look good.

People are encouraged to take risks with developing innovative ideas.

There is openness and trust between employees and between management and employees.

Engagement & Fun

People take responsibility and are accountable for their actions rather than pointing the finger at others.

People are fully engaged at work — they are excited and energized by what they do.

We spend time doing things that bring us together as a team just for fun.

People are passionate about our mission and our company and see how they personally contribute to our mission.


Individuals and teams collaborate to find solutions to challenges .

People build on team members’ strengths as opposed to focusing on their weaknesses.

There is a spirit of camaraderie and support — people know and like each other as individuals.

People are on the same page working together towards common goals.

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