DISC Personality Style Training for Teams

Why DISC Personality Style Training?

When clients tell us that their team isn’t getting along well and there are a lot of misunderstandings, or they want to have better communication, build trust and team work, we recommend our ½ day DISC training.

Our DISC personality style training will get your team moving in the same direction. We have worked with thousands of participants and have found that our DISC personality style training is one of the most effective interventions you can do in a ½ day.

And here are some of the reasons why we recommend DISC over the many dozens of other assessments in the work place:

  • It is simple, but not simplistic.
  • With other assessments people forget their style or don’t know how to use the information at the end of the day. With our DiSC training, you can easily identify others’ styles and adapt your communication in just one day! It is a tool that sticks.
  • It has been in use for 90 years and over that time it has constantly been improved. There are 4 different assessments that focus on challenges facing leaders, managers, sales staff and the overall workplace.


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So we took the DISC and created a ½ day training that is experiential, memorable and engaging. These are not boring lectures just reviewing the disc assessments. Participants consistently report success in accomplishing the following learning objectives:

  • They better understand the strengths and challenges of their own personality style
  • They also understand the strengths and challenges of their co-workers
  • They realize how to capitalize on the diverse strengths of their team
  • Participants gain practice adapting their communication to their co-workers.
  • They learn to value differences and navigate conflict more successfully
  • They learn how to build trust and create a more cohesive team

Results with DISC Personality Style Training

Once a team has taken this DISC training, they take this common language and use it ongoing to work through challenges.

Here is an example. We worked with the leadership team of a medical supply manufacturing company that wanted to improve communication and collaboration break down the silos. In the course of the training, the CEO learned that he was a “C” – Conscientious personality style, and that he was way more comfortable working with data then with people. He realized that he had a challenge motivating his team and giving positive feedback, so he set a simple goal to give more positive feedback and acknowledge the team’s progress more often. According to him, this was the breakthrough that led to increased morale and his company’s subsequent increase in productivity and profitability.

Please email us or call for a free needs assessment. We will discuss your specific learning objectives, customize a training to meet your needs and send you a proposal within 24 hours. We look forward to meeting with you.



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