Diversity Training in Teams

Diversity Training

Diversity Training in Denver

Diversity Training for Teams

Is your staff prepared, educated and motivated to create an inclusive workplace environment? Do you have tension on your team focused on race, gender or cultural differences?

Our diversity training brings our implicit biases out of the shadows, and re-frames diversity as a celebration of our individual uniqueness as well as our collective commonality. Participants experience positive team development from the greater multiplicity of thought, opinion, creativity and productivity. Many organizations are taking proactive trainings to make sure their workplaces understand the negative impact from prejudicial attitudes around diversity and bias in the workplace.

Learning Objectives and Program Results

  • Raise employee retention and lower turnover costs

  • Address overt and covert biases in the workplace

  • Optimize employee satisfaction and creativity

  • Manage and protect your reputation

  • Reduce your risk of litigation and conflicts by creating a safe work environment

  • Educate employees about diversity and inclusion

Transformative Training has extensive experience working in diverse settings as well as with diverse audiences and her facilitation style is uniquely collaborative and inclusive.


Kate C., Director, Peace Jam Foundation
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