Emotional Intelligence for Teams

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence for Teams

Does your team have great IQ but struggles with EQ? Would you like improvement in your team’s ability to collaborate, give feedback, or handle interpersonal communication? Emotional Intelligence counts for at least 58% of success in all careers.

Emotional Intelligence is an individual’s ability to be aware of and manage their own emotions, behavior and communication, and also to be aware of and manage their relationships with others. Most teams we work with need improvement in one or all of these categories.

Learning Objectives & Program Results for Team Members

  • Gain awareness of personal strengths and challenges

  • Cultivate awareness of your emotions and how they impact your communication

  • Be able to adapt and manage your communication with others

  • Increase your ability to understand and empathize with others

  • Increase your ability to communicate clearly

  • Handle conflict with greater ease

Find out why our company provides the best emotional intelligence training in Denver, Colorado.

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