I started the course timid and unsure. By the end I was able to be effective and trust myself. Thank you very much Jeannie!

Marnie W., Chase Consulting

Jeannie was great at finding teachable moments and expanding on them to make us better presenters.

Deb. G. Colorado Health Institute

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Presentation Skills Training in Denver

Persuasive Presentation Skills – Recommended 2 days

Persuasive Presentations Skills helps you hone your ability to capture an audience’s attention and deliver your main ideas in a memorable way. Many presenters essentially read their power point presentations – BORING!  We can help you go from boring to wow! We deliver effective, fun, hands-on team development and presentation skills training in Denver, Colorado and beyond.

This class is recommended to be 2 days because of the hands-on nature of the practice components of the class. Each participant will have at least four opportunities to present to the class. Participants will be video taped so that they may review their progress.

Learning Objectives & Program Results

By the end of this program you will:

  • Gain confidence with public speaking
  • Effectively overcome public speaking anxiety
  • Practice effective use of nonverbal communication
  • Organize your presentation to be clear
  • Practice effective use of notes
  • Expand your comfort with different ways of presenting information
  • Receive coaching to reinforce effective presentation skills
  • Practice delivering engaging presentations
  • Learn to understand your audience to be more persuasive
  • Effective use of power point presentations

By the end of this training participants will have a high level of skill in delivering engaging, effective presentations. This training is highly recommended for anyone who presents to internal or external clients. Please note that this is a GROUP training for teams of 5 or more.  We do not currently have individual registration.

Tips for Effective Power Point Presentations

The biggest mistake we see untrained presenters making is overusing power point slides.  Here are our top 5 tips for effective power point presentations.

1. Limit the number of slides.  Slides are so over used that just seeing a power point presentation can make people fall asleep.  Ask yourself – is this slide for ME as a presenter or for my audience?  If it is for YOU make notes to yourself in the presenter view and leave it off the slide.  A good rule of thumb is one slide for every five minutes of presentation time.

2. Limit the quantity of information on the slide.  We have seen slides full of content.  We call this death by Power Point.  If you want people to read something you can give them a handout to take away.  The presentation is for you to deliver information person to person, not for the audience to read.  A good rule of thumb is no more than four lines of text in bullet points.

3.  Look at the audience, not your slide.  Please don’t turn your back on the audience to read your slides!  You can glance at your computer screen or notes and then up at the audience.

4. Use your slides for graphics and visual information. The best use of Power Point is for visual representations of information that you can elaborate on.  Be careful with animation – less is more!

5.  Use three to four colors on your slides.  Any more is overwhelming and any less isn’t interesting to the eye.  Make sure your background color makes your text color legible and use big enough font so the people in the back don’t have to squint.

We provide effective public speaking and presentation skills training in Denver, Colorado and beyond.

Contact us for more information.