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Vanessa, V., CEO, Sagebrush Treatment Center

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Leadership Team Intensive – Leadership Development Program in Colorado

As an already effective leadership team you may be asking yourselves – what is next for us? What else is possible? We provide an in-depth leadership development program in Colorado to help your leadership team excel and set an extraordinary example for your organization.

We invite you to go to the next level with our Leadership Team Intensive. We set up experiential challenges designed to bring you to the edge of your abilities to perform, make decisions, think quickly and collaborate. We will build on your successes and examine those places where you need to adjust.

As a leader you will rotate through the leadership position on your team, guiding your team through the challenges. We will set up a feedback process for you to receive real-time feedback from your colleagues around your leadership.

This is a very powerful program designed to get immediate results. We will incorporate plenty of time to debrief the activities, to create parallels with your work environment and to create an action plan for your team in moving forward.

Program Outcomes:

  • Deliver effective feedback real-time
  • Make powerful choices in the moment
  • Heightened awareness of strengths & challenges
  • Breakthroughs in personal and team performance
  • Overcome obstacles in the way of personal and team achievement
  • Create exceptional support between team members
  • Expand your concept of what is possible
  • Challenge your assumptions
  • Collaborate to solve problems
  • Take risks in order to achieve goals
  • Practice being fully engaged
  • Celebrate accomplishments

We deliver a one-of-a-kind intensive leadership development program in Denver, Boulder and Littleton, Colorado .

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