Long Term Consulting

Long Term Consulting

Long Term Consulting

Long Term Programs for Customized Leadership Consulting, Culture Change, Leadership and Team Development in Denver

Our long term programs utilize proven strategies and tactics in the field of organizational development. We have supported large and small organizations in transforming their productivity, profitability and positivity using a customized approach based on the following three “action- research” phases:

Phase 1: Needs Assessment – Data Collection and Interviews

  1. Pre assessment with executives:
    • Review organizational charts and company structure
    • Review job descriptions, roles and responsibilities of leaders and staff
    • Review company goals and mission
    • Review previous training curriculum
    • Review most recent past employee engagement survey
    • Discuss findings and proposed timeline for project
  2. Data collection and analysis
    • Develop interview questions for executive team and management team
    • Schedule interviews – date, time and location
    • Conduct one-on-one, confidential interviews with executive team and management team
    • Compile and analyze interview results, identify themes
    • Create report and recommendations, deliver to client team
    • Meet with client team to discuss report and recommendations
    • Determine action plan for moving forward.
  3. Executive and Management Team trust building and communication workshop
    • Conduct one day program featuring DISC personality style training with experiential exercises
    • Include communication tool for discussing accountability issues in a positive, constructive way
    • Facilitate off site meeting to determine mission, vision, values, if necessary
    • Announce open hours meeting times to get further input from workplace stakeholders on mission, vision and values
    • Capture issues raised in program and incorporate them into action plan.
  4. Final Data collection and analysis
    • Capture feedback during open hours meetings with staff
    • Revise action plan after gathering additional input from staff members.
    • Present final action plan to executive and management team.
    • Organize program data, set up internal administrative files and build database for client access.
    • Determine which leaders will receive ongoing coaching.

Phase 2: Leadership and Team Development Program for Culture Change

This content for this phase will be designed based on the information gathered in phase 1. However, we are clear, based on our knowledge of current organizational development theories and instructional design experience, that the following structure will bring about a lasting change in your organizational culture.


  1. Leader Training: 4 Days of Offsite Workshops. Suggest 30 day deadline to complete training.
  2. Day 1: We facilitate the creation of behavioral norms that are required to embody the organizational values and goals. We train the leaders in new communication skill development based on DISC personality styles that build trust for difficult accountability conversations and managing conflict. We discuss the ADKAR model for change management, identify current blocks and create relevant strategies. We finish with SMART goals.
  3. Day 2: We facilitate the leaders in learning the Conflict Management and Accountability communication skills. We incorporate the change management strategies from Day 1 and practice the necessary conversations with the leaders. We finish with SMART goals.
  4. Day 3: We facilitate the Leader as Coach training for the leaders. We train them in our coaching model so leaders can effectively mentor, motivate, support and hold staff accountable. The morning is spent learning the model and the afternoon is spent practicing the model supervised by our coaching staff. We finish with facilitating Leadership Consulting team cohesion and alignment using the “first team” concept and identify SMART goals.
  5. Day 4: We facilitate the compilation and organization of strategies and tactics for implementing the culture change. The Leadership Consulting team reviews the values, goals and behavior norms. We facilitate clarifying the structures and systems needed to achieve the goals for every work group. We train the leadership team in how to run productive meetings on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  6. Team Training: 4 Days of Experiential Workshops to implement Mission and Vision. Suggest Quarterly DiSC, Conflict Management, Accountability and Feedback, and Change Management trainings. We host monthly online remote check-in sessions to support SMART Goals and capture feedback.


Phase 3: Coaching

  1. Leadership Consulting for 3-5 key leaders identified during the Leader Training.
  2. Review DiSC Personality Style strengths and challenges
  3. Review strengths and challenges implementing Mission and Vision
  4. Review feedback from trainings
  5. Identify SMART goals and support systems

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The team feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. One particularly tough to please member indicated it was “the best training he’s been involved in!” Your modules were perfectly targeted to our needs and it was very clear that they were tailored according to our prep discussion. Obviously very good at what you do.


Melissa, VP Carecentrix
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