Coaching Skills For Managers

Coaching Skills For Managers

Coaching Skills for Managers

The best tool for collaborative leadership is coaching. While many leaders know how to “manage” their employees, most don’t have specific training on how to coach their teams.

The Coaching Training for managers provides managers with a foundational framework and skill building exercises designed to provide their team with professional goal setting and development support. Knowing how to allow team members to create goals, clarify strengths and self-identify challenges is an essential skill for any successful leader.

Learning Objectives & Program Results

  • Introduction to what coaching is and why coaching is essential to leadership

  • Examples of coaching and constructive feedback

  • Overview of coaching model

  • Identify strengths and challenges as a coach

  • 2 facilitated practice sessions

  • Smart goals and accountability system

  • Ongoing practice and feedback

Very few of the leaders we work with have had any training on how to coach their employees. Coaching is the secret tool of many of the most effective leaders.

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Our front-line leaders are loving these trainings! They are engaging, relevant and are helping them build new skills. They are requesting that their whole teams and supervisors do this training.


Elizabeth Kizer, MTA Trainer, Colorado Department of Transportation


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