Management Skills for Leaders – Management Training in Denver


Management Skills for Leaders – Management Training in Denver

People Management Skills for Leaders – Management Training in Denver

We provide outstanding, effective, customized leadership and management training in the Denver area. What makes a good leader great? Certainly there are many qualities that great leaders possess that we can develop in ourselves. The key is to understand that leadership and people management are a set of skills and qualities that can be learned.

Management Skills Level One

In this interactive, experiential day you will learn how to:

  • Understand the personality styles of your team

  • Understand your management style

  • Motivate your people

  • Create a more successful team

We use the DiSC Management profile – a tool that gives great insight into how to lead others. See a sample DiSC Management Profile.

Management Skills Level Two

One of the most common challenges we see in leaders is the lack of ability to handle and negotiate conflicts in a productive way.

In this intermediate workshop we will dive into the skills that it takes to manage teams through conflict. In this hands-on day you will learn to:

  • Effectively give and receive constructive and positive feedback

  • Navigate interpersonal conflict to create positive outcomes

  • Use effective listening tools to defuse conflict

  • Create solution oriented outcomes

Most managers see conflict as something to be avoided. We train you to turn conflict into opportunities.

As Peter Senge outlines in his concept of the Learning Organization, “The only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organization’s ability to learn faster than its competition.” Make sure your managers have the skills they need to succeed.

We provide management training in the Denver, Colorado area.

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Transformative Training delivered a wealth of information in a format that was easily accessible and usable for our participants. The only constructive comment was that they wanted more time!


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