Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


What is Team Building?
Our Mission and Philosophy for 
Transformative Results

We provide Corporate Team Building Training in Denver Colorado and beyond.

Mission Statement – About Us

We create innovative professional development trainings that catalyze growth to bring out the highest potential in individuals, teams and leaders.

Our 9 Points of Philosophy

1. Training should be sustainable


Too many professional development companies offer a one-shot approach to training that simply doesn’t provide lasting results. We believe in building partnerships over time that are based on trust and a deep understanding of your organizational needs. Change has to start from the “top down”. So, most importantly, we can coach your leaders, and train your leaders how to coach their teams, so that you can internally sustain the changes and the organizational culture and results you want to create.

2. Leadership mastery starts from the inside out


There is a saying in the martial art of Aikido that is “our biggest adversary is our self.” When we begin to master ourselves, and act consistently with our values and mission, then we can begin to be a leader by example for others. Developing and growing ourselves in our leadership capacity is a lifelong process. The more we grow, the better we are able to inspire growth in others and to move towards our personal, team and organizational goals for success. We can help you move towards greater awareness and mastery.

3. We ALL have intrinsic leadership capacity


Intrinsic: Of or relating to the essential nature of a thing; inherent. We all have an inherent capacity to inspire and influence others – and we all have room to grow in that capacity. If you were to make a list of all of the people you interact with each week, from your close friends and co-workers to the teller at the bank, you would see that your “sphere of influence” is quite large. If we look at leadership as a journey towards bringing out our natural talents and gifts to have a positive impact in our sphere of influence, – we can see that each of us has the opportunity to “lead” on a daily basis. The question is – are we using our influence to be a consistently positive, inspiring and effective influence?

4. Making a difference is good for business


We do this work to make a difference. As facilitators and trainers, we have collectively made an impact on many thousands of lives. We trust in the ripple effect – that the work we do starts with ourselves and moves out in ever-widening circles. The corporations we work with also know that this is true. They care about growing their employees and are actively making a difference in their communities and examining the impact they have in the world. We also want you to know that we support community and global organizations that are doing good in the world by making donations to environmental and socially forward thinking organizations.

5. We learn best through experience – and fun!

All of our programs are interactive and experiential – from retreats to trainings, coaching and teambuilding. A substantial body of evidence suggests that the greater the learner’s involvement in the learning process, the greater the level of content acquisition and mastery. There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” We really like to have fun while we are learning (and we’ve noticed that others do too) so we design our programs to be engaging, dynamic and effective.

6. Effective leadership and teamwork skills are learned


Have you heard anyone say that true leaders are born, not made? While some of us may be more naturally drawn to leadership positions than others, there is a set of skills that each individual can learn to help us be more effective as leaders and team players. No matter where our skill level is now in the areas of inspiring others, emotional intelligence, coaching, goal setting and performance, there is always room to learn and grow more!

7 . High performers never stop learning


A mentor of mine once said – “If you find a leader who says ‘I know’ – run the other way! But if you find a leader who says ‘I’m learning’ – align yourself with that person because you’ve probably found a great teacher.” A leader who thinks they have nothing to learn means there’s not a lot of room for innovation or collaboration – and in business, that means trouble. In times of profound change, learners prevail, while the learned find themselves equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. The bottom line is that the most effective business people are open minded, flexible and willing to continually learn and grow. We are either growing or we are dying – personally and organizationally. Transformative Training is here to help you grow.

8. Being extraordinary is a choice


Extraordinary means; beyond what is usual, exceptional, more than expected, rare. How often do we make a choice to show up as exceptional? This is what is expected of masterful leaders – to be aware of the choices we are making and the impact they are having, to keep our mission and vision in mind continually, and to inspire others to be their best. This also means being accountable and completely responsible for our choices and the outcomes of those choices. Choosing to be extraordinary takes practice. Transformative Training creates many opportunities to practice being exceptional in our trainings and through our coaching.

9. We have a basic human need to be our best.

Every person has a need to contribute, to make a difference, to share our talents, insights and creativity. Abraham Maslow (in 1943) offered a look at a hierarchy of human needs that included self-actualization as the highest human need. Self-actualization is the instinctual need of humans to make the most of their abilities and to strive to be the best they can. Mentors, coaches and leaders play an important role in helping us to strive for our highest potential. Because others can often see us more clearly than we can see ourselves, leaders can have a strong influence in encouraging and bringing out the best in those around them, which means greater employee satisfaction, retention and performance. Our goal is to help you be your best!

Prepare to get more than you ever expected out of these training sessions. Jeannie Gunter gives you a lot of bang for your buck!


Michele Lueck, President, Colorado Health Institute
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