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Hire the right person the first time – we can help you with Human Resources Hiring Services in Denver.

How to hire the right employee for the job is a crucial question in today’s marketplace.

The cost of hiring and training a new employee can be anywhere from 1-3 times their annual salary.

Make sure you hire the right person the first time.

We can help. Power Hire™ is a unique and complete solution to hiring the right employees that match your position, your needs, your team – the first time.

  • Cost Efficient – Less time interviewing
  • Effective – Pin point exact hiring criteria and matching candidate personality style
  • Specific – Your top candidates take assessments to match them to your position
  • Powerful – Experiential group interviews let you observe candidates in action
  • Tailored – We will work with your hiring team to craft succinct and specific interview protocol to ensure that you are choosing the right candidate

DiSC Personality Styles

There are many attributes that make for a successful employee. Certainly education and experience are two of the most important pieces of background that will help an employee succeed in the workplace. But what about those qualities that can’t adequately be reflected in a resume? Personality and character certainly play a large part in determining whether or not a potential employee is suited to a specific position. The DiSC can be part of your strategy to find a good personality fit for your position and team that draws on people’s strengths. The result is a more satisfied employee and a more productive work force.

Outline of the Power Hire program:

1. Initial consultation to review hiring needs and gain an understanding of Power Hire, personality styles and the role you, as hiring manager, will play during the interview. (approximately 1 hour)

2. You choose your top candidates (up to 10) who take an online DiSC assessment.

3. We conduct a 2 – 2.5 hour Power Hire experiential group interview with 6-10 participants that you observe.  This experiential interview is much more effective than a group panel interview because you get to see the candidates in action.

4. We provide follow-up consultation with you to review your hiring needs based on applicants and determine top 2-3 best fit candidates for follow-up interview. (approximately 1 hour)

5. Consultation on how to ask great interview questions and hiring protocol as necessary.

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The investment in Power Hire was an incredible value. The system was comprehensive and the resulting hire I made was a person who contributed over and above what I expected. I highly recommend this program.


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