It’s hard for me to call it “training” or a “class” because it was so much fun, but I did take away several tools that I can put to use both at work and at home to build effective, productive relationships.


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Denver Corporate Team Development Training

As a company and a team you’re either growing or you’re dying – we help you grow! Look to us for Denver Corporate Team Development Training.

Transformative Training provides Denver corporate team development training that is designed to assist your team in understanding, growing and problem solving together. Because all of our programs are hands-on and experiential in nature, these are fun programs too! The emphasis is also on skill building, developing your team’s best practices and tackling important challenges your team might be facing.

If you are looking more for an emphasis on fun and camaraderie with some learning,  then check out our  Team Building Programs.

Focus on Learning!

DiSC Personality Styles

If we could recommend one foundational course for your team to take together, this would be it. The DiSC will give you a common language for understanding each other’s styles and increasing your personal and team effectiveness and communication. 
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MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI is the most widely used personality style assessment in the world. Through understanding how you and your team mates take in information, make decisions and manage time, you will be better able to manage your differences and build on your team strengths. Click here for details.

Beyond the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The most frequent request we get is to help a group build a more effective team environment; one where there is open and clear communication, more trust and more collaboration. We combine skill building with experiential exercises to help apply these concepts from Patrick Lencioni’s popular book,  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, to your specific work environment.
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Conflict Management for Teams

One of the most common challenges we see in organizations is the lack of ability to handle and negotiate conflicts in a productive way. Conflict is inevitable (all teams go through storming!) – and, if addressed and handled well can lead to innovation, better understanding and a stronger team. Click here for details.

Team Accountability

Would you like your leaders and team players to take more responsibility for their success and short comings? Would you like to be able to draw on your employees intrinsic motivation to perform better at work? We have two highly effective learning modules that we pair with experiential exercises to get your team moving towards greater accountability and higher motivation. Click here for details.

We provide Denver corporate team development training in the greater Denver and Boulder areas.

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