“Jeannie is the only facilitator I trust with my team.  She has guided us through one-on-one and group conflict with grace and finesse.  I trust her implicitly and her exceptional intuitive skills have allowed her to deliver exactly what we needed.” Vanessa V., CEO, Sagebrush Treatment Center

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Conflict Management Training in Denver

Conflict Management for Teams

One of the most common challenges we see in organizations is the lack of ability to handle and negotiate conflicts in a productive way. Conflict is inevitable (all teams go through storming!) – and, if addressed and handled well can lead to innovation, better understanding and a stronger team. Our definition of conflict is any interaction that is less than positive or neutral. As you can imagine, conflict is a daily occurrence in business and provides an opportunity for team development and for team members to be honest, to listen fully and to have breakthroughs in creativity, working relationships and results. We provide powerful conflict management training in Denver and beyond.

Learning Objectives & Program Results

By the end of the day you will:

  • Increase Proactive Communication
  • Decrease Gossip and Conflict
  • Create Better Working Relationships
  • Increase Trust
  • Let Go of Personal Agendas
  • Discover What is Best for the Team
  • Understand the Needs of your Teammates
  • Increase Creativity and Collaboration

Most people see conflict as something to be avoided. We train you to turn conflict into opportunities. We can help your team have breakthroughs in letting go of personal agendas and moving through conflicts in order to create stronger team dynamics. The processes that we engage for conflict management are Council and S.O. (Solution Oriented) Communication. Council is the practice of speaking and listening authentically. Through honest expression and non-judgmental listening, Council inspires a non-hierarchical form of communication that reveals underlying, unexpressed needs and points the way to solutions. Solution Oriented communication provides a framework for moving through conflict into solution-oriented requests.  Both methods are learn-able in day-long trainings with recommended follow-up sessions. A specialized Council Trainer is also available to assist with one-on-one mediation and conflict resolution.

We provide conflict management training in Denver, Colorado and beyond.

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