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Resolving Conflict in the Workplace – Quick Tip

Workplace Conflict   What do you do when you have a negative work environment and low productivity? HR managers talk about unresolved conflict, toxic outbursts of people blaming one another, and people just being mean to one another.  As time goes on, productivity and...

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Creating a Culture of Accountability – Quick Tip

What is the best thing to do when you’re team is not meeting their goals and cannot hold one another accountable? Management Challenge This was the main problem that the new HR manager for a large Colorado government agency was facing. During our strategy session he...

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DISC Personality Style Training for Teams

Why DISC Personality Style Training? When clients tell us that their team isn’t getting along well and there are a lot of misunderstandings, or they want to have better communication, build trust and team work, we recommend our ½ day DISC training. Our DISC...

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Increase Accountability in the Workplace

Are you struggling with creating accountability in your teams? Team members are often reluctant to give each other feedback because they don’t have the skills or the practice to have accountability conversations. We can teach your team members how to effectively hold each other accountable in the workplace.

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How to Adapt to Millennials in the Workplace

I had a federal government agency recently ask me to do a training on “how the heck do we work with millennials in the workplace?” I thought it was a funny question, given that millennials have been in the workplace for 15 years now. As a matter of fact, the next...

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Conflict Management Training in Denver

Conflict Management Training in Denver How does your personality style influence how you deal with conflict? In this new training, we combine DiSC personality style preferences with Conflict Management Training in Denver. The DiSC folks have done it again – they...

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Our Leadership and Team Development Theory: Introduction

Our Leadership and Team Development Theory: Introduction The activities and interactions were great. They really helped to push the material forward without being corny. The program was very professionally delivered Naturally, you want to choose carefully...

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