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Is your leadership team growing, stagnating or dying? I ask this question because it is crucial to the growth and longevity of all of your teams and your organization. We offer productive leadership training in Denver, Colorado and beyond. Lately I have been encountering a lot of resistance around the time that training can take for executives. No doubt leadership teams are as busy as ever. However, can you afford NOT to take the time to problem solve, align vision and goals and give each other feedback?

As “old” as it might sound, leadership sets the tone for the entire organization. If you want others to be proactive, reach their potential, take accountability and keep growing – yes, you have to set the example. You have to do this every day with your actions.

When I deliver a program around emotional intelligence for leaders, I often ask participants – describe the best supervisor or mentor you ever had. The list usually includes qualities such as: really listened to my ideas, cared about my development as a person and an employee, was able to make touch decisions that took people into consideration, handled conflict with a “win-win” approach. When we look at those lists as ask which qualities had to do with people skills, or high emotional intelligence (EQ), usually the vast majority of qualities of excellent supervisors and leaders are related to high EQ.

This isn’t anything new. If you do a search on Amazon, there are over 100,000 books about leadership. It might even be difficult to write anything new on the subject at this point. Let’s just say that there is no silver bullet to leadership development. What is important is the application of what works. Our leadership training in Denver, Colorado is relevant, practical and immediately applicable for your executive team. Give us a call today and let us create a customized program to meet your leadership objectives.

To your growth,

Jeannie Gunter, MA
President, Founder

Jeannie Gunter, MA

Jeannie Gunter, MA

Founder, Transformative Solutions

303 653-3097

Jeannie works with a wide variety of clients to help them increase their team effectiveness and leadership capacity in their teams. She has worked both nationally and internationally as an organizational consultant, facilitator, speaker and wilderness guide.

With a strong background in group dynamics, over the past 20 years Jeannie has guided hundreds of teams in a wide variety of organizations to successful outcomes in team, personal and professional development.


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