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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a suitably prepared coach and a client in a key managerial position within an organization. It is designed to facilitate greater vision and positive change in the client, and by extension in the organization, to increase satisfaction and effectiveness. An executive coach may be hired by the company or by the individual who works for the company.

Goals are set by the client and the focus may vary considerably. An individual hiring a coach may desire to develp new skills, be a strong leader, and navigate through the company culture to acheive certain goals, improve perception by others, or gain new skills as a leader. Executive coaches may also work with the executive client on more personal matters, such as work-life balance or stress reduction. When the company hires a coach, the individual may not have requested coaching as part of the action plan to enhance their performance; and the company may weigh in on coaching goals.

Companies my also hire executive coaches to help them change workplace culture, enhance communication and trust, build engagement, reduce interpersonal or interdepartmental friction, increase creativity and innovation, and so on. Executive coaches may work with teams, helping them with organizational transitions or group cohesiveness, for example. Additionally, executive coaches may work with organizations in a wide array of industries to help roll out a new appraisal system, strategize for a new product launch or address a recent employee opinon survey.

Three years ago we were mired in siloed and lack of open communication. We engaged Transformative Training to take us through the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, and we have done an annual program since then to keep us rowing in the same direction. We have experienced 45% growth since working with Transformative Training. That, coupled with our outstanding employee engagement and customer satisfaction results were due in no small part to the guidance and assistance we received from Transformative Training.


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