The activities and interactions were great. They really helped to push the material forward without being corny. The program was very professionally delivered


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Team Improv – Team Building Activities in Denver

Innovative Team Improv: 1/2 – 1 day

We provide innovation, fun and meaningful team building activities in Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Littleton, Colorado and beyond. What is Improv team building?  Team building games designed to increase creativity, trust and cohesiveness in your team.  Improvisation is the art of spontaneously creating with others to come up with a unique and often unexpected result. It builds trust, collaboration and team cohesiveness in a very fun and funny way.

What makes improv theatre actors successful is that they have mastered certain approaches to working together that automatically generate innovation and collaboration. When applied in your organization, these improv techniques will give you an innovative advantage in the competitive and ever changing environment of the business world.

Learning Objectives & Program Results

  • Increasing creativity by valuing each other’s ideas and building on each
 others’ contributions
  • Taking risks to generate fresh ideas
  • Adapting quickly to change
  • Be more comfortable under pressure
  • Letting go of your personal agenda to serve the goals of your team
  • Reducing conflict
  • Making each other look good as teammates
  • Thinking quickly on your feet
  • Building trust within your team

This is the ultimate “think outside the box” program. Your team will be doubled over with laughter as they are learning important lessons in team synergy along the way. Even shy people end up loving this program!


  • Overview of the fundamentals of improv as they relate to teambuilding
  • Warm-ups
  • Break into small groups for improv activities
  • If you choose, you will teach activities to a local non-profit group
  • Closing improv surprise show
  • Debrief and application to the workplace

Make it a full-day learning program by adding in a half-day of skill building:

We provide fun team building activities in Denver, Colorado and beyond.

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