Jeannie is an engaging, creative leader who addresses the client’s needs on the go without skipping a beat. Her enthusiasm seems to captivate her participants where she then is able to assist them in exploring beyond what they believe to be possible.

Pat T., CEO, Celebrate Life Retreats

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – Leadership Training in Colorado

Transformative Training provides comprehensive Leadership Training in Colorado. This Emotional Intelligence leadership training intensive is designed to bring out the best in your leaders, or leaders in training. Because 90% of a leader’s success is due to their level of emotional intelligence (Goleman, 1998), those are the qualities that we focus on developing.

In our one day intensive you will learn to:

  • Understand how to interact with different personality types
  • Build greater trust with your team and colleagues
  • See problems and solutions from multiple perspectives
  • Create a foundation of greater accountability in the workplace
  • Bring more meaning and motivation into the workplace
  • Practice your new skills in problem solving situations

In our two day intensive (in addition to the above) you will learn to:

  • Listen more effectively
  • Handle difficult conversations
  • Foster greater innovation and creative problem solving
  • Deliver ongoing effective feedback
  • Ask the right questions – how to coach your team to higher
  • performance
  • Practice your new skills in problem solving situations

We utilize a strategic combination of cognitive learning and experiential learning to develop these skills in a hands-on environment.

We deliver in-depth leadership training in Colorado area and beyond.

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