Jeannie has extensive experience working in diverse settings as well as with diverse audiences and her facilitation style is uniquely collaborative and inclusive.

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MBTI Personality Style Training in Denver

mbti personality styles

MBTI Training Denver – Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personality Style Training

Everybody knows about introverts and extroverts. Then why do managers often struggle motivating teams to achieve their goals?

  • You are newly promoted and never received leadership skill training;
  • You have conflict on the team that is derailing your efforts to improve performance;
  • You have new hires, but you are already behind in your goals; and/or
  • Your executive team is not walking the talk.


We believe all team members naturally want to improve their performance and be successful. We also believe the most important job is for Managers to create powerful communications with their team. This has been shown to inspire teams to innovate on the best way to achieve the company mission. And this is true for every type of company – or organization.

Many organizations implement the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to reveal strengths, challenges and natural tendencies of team members. There are four basic personality measurements, and some “facets” within each measurement, that make up the model. It is very technical and precise. It reflects the personality styles of the founders Carl Jung, Katherine Briggs and Isabell Briggs Myers. It is authoritative. This information is used by managers across the globe to pinpoint training efforts, guide team members appropriately, and use training resources effectively.

The MBTI is the most widely used personality style assessment in the world for team developmentThrough understanding how you and your team take in information, make decisions and manage time, you will be better able to manage your differences and build on your team strengths.


Free Offer – Consulting Services valued at over $800 for free.
Why do government agencies, private companies and non-profits choose Transformative Solutions? Is it because we are 100% committed to improve the emotional intelligence and performance of leaders, teams and organizations? Or is it because of our integrated approach to improving performance for teams and leaders? Maybe it is because our theoretical approach to OD is based on the research of Kurt Lewin and Chris Argyris?

No, none of these. It is always because of our testimonials. Everybody knows that giving a real testimonial has a risk. Transformative Solutions might do bad things…. And I don’t want my name associated with that!

Our distinguished client list and positive testimonials are from real people and real Denver companies. They are willing to go to bat for us, because we have kept our agreements and delivered a great training for their team. This is how we create trust in our company. Managers don’t want to take the time off just to make things worse on their teams!

Free Transformative Consultation

You want something that is tried and true, quick, and high value. We got you covered.

Our hourly rate for program development is $400, and we are ready to invest 2 hours of our time to solve your problem.  What is the main reason is we provide more value, for FREE in such a short time?

We want to work hard to prove our competency, solve your problem, and earn your trust. Change takes time, and we model that by providing you with a Transformative Solution custom tailored to your current situation:

  • The first step: Unpacking the Problem. Start with our Free 2 Minute Online Team Assessment. For no cost you start understanding your unique challenges and strengths in 5 areas of universal dysfunction.
    • Focus on relevant data:  Our team assessment is designed to be efficient and effective in identifying your team’s challenges in the areas that most impact organizational health.
    • Fast: You can quickly compile a good data set and create baseline indicator of your strengths and challenges. This information is critical for us. We will create an effective, high value, customized program and deliver your proposal in 24 hours.
    • Value:  Most consultants charge big fees to do a team wide assessment and analysis. We don’t. The free 2 minute team assessment can be done on a team of 100, and regularly to measure your return on investment. We invite you to have your whole team take this brief assessment and we will compile the results prior to our consultation.
    • Confidential: We only use your data to improve the accuracy of our assessment and focus our recommendations. The results automatically go to the participant and to Transformative Solutions. We agree to compile the results for your team and maintain participant confidentiality as a matter of course. Confidentiality increases the quality of response from each team member.
  • The Second Step: Training and Re-Framing using Transformative Solutions Free 20 Minute Initial Consultation
    • Convenient: Schedule your appointment online – no phone tag or email chains.
    • Comprehensive: During our Free 20 Minute Initial Consultation we will analyze your team strengths and challenges to quickly develop the best way to present new perspectives and behaviors to your team.
    • Experience: We have the skills, education, and time in the trenches to determine how to deal with your team’s resistance to change. We have seen teams succeed and fail in government, private and non-profit sectors. We will bring that background to your consultation.
    • Sensitivity: Many teams don’t trust one another, so we have to bring in new perspectives and behaviors appropriately.
    • Clarity: We work with you in clarifying your goals and priorities regarding your MBTI training. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Our consultation will propose a training to cover your intended results. We will clearly describe the techniques we use to teach new perspectives and train new behaviors.
  • Step 3: Reorganize and Repack your training with the Transformative Solutions Proposal and Letter of Agreement:
    • Proposal for Services: After quickly strategizing with you to custom tailor a DISC program to meet your specific learning objectives, we send your Transformative Solutions proposal within 24 hours via email.
    • Negotiation of Proposal: Most clients take the information and discuss the findings and recommendations with other stakeholders in the organization. You might learn of new goals or priorities to include in the training and request changes in the program. That is OK and encouraged! We have clients that want to expand the training to include the whole company, or scale it down to a lunch and learn. Sometimes they want to address a current challenge head on, avoid discussing certain issues, or take a more theoretical approach to the training.
    • Free Follow-Up Consultation: We avail ourselves to meet further with you and any stakeholders during our Free 10 Minute Follow-Up Consultation to ensure you get the program you need. This can include delivery of a revised proposal.
    • Letter of Agreement: This is where we finalize and commit to the scope, exact time, location and cost of the training.


Is This Free Transformative MBTI Consultation Right For You?

  • Do you have managers that have come up through the ranks with great technical skills and no leadership skills?
  • Do you want your managers to develop the skills to improve team culture, cohesion, collaboration, and accountability?
  • Do you need a uniform system that can support all of your in-house training programs?
  • Are you looking for a meaningful and fun program to get your team on the same page and build openness and supportiveness?
  • Would you like your team to be able to better understand each other’s different styles of communicating and have successful conversations and meetings?
  • Would you like a fun program to be able to actually PRACTICE using the MBTI to adapt communication and EXPERIENCE better results?
  • Would you like ideas to determine the return on your investment for this training?

Understanding different personality styles and how to communicate more effectively with them is at the core of becoming a more effective leader and team player. We have designed this program to help even the most broken and resistant teams improve communication. Managers with no experience in leadership skills gain valuable insight and concrete tools to avoid making the “big mistakes”.

No time for the Free 2 minute team assessment and 20 minute consultation? Then just request the standard Transformative MBTI proposal here. We will have a proposal to you within 24 hours.

Transformative MBTI Training Denver Learning Objectives & Program Results

In our proposal, we guarantee that by the end of the day you will:

  • Understand the strengths and challenges of your personality style
  • Understand the strengths and challenges of those you work with
  • Create a strategy to capitalize on the diverse strengths of your team
  • Practice adapting your communication to those you work with at all levels of the organization
  • Get your ideas heard with less conflict
  • Be more persuasive in your feedback to team members
  • Better motivate others through your leadership
  • Navigate conflict more successfully
  • Practice problem solving with different personality styles
  • Begin to detoxify the work place and build trust on teams

We make these promises because we believe in what we do, and we hold ourselves accountable.

Understanding the MBTI Training Denver behavioral styles has empowered millions of business people internationally to better communicate with and motivate their employees and colleagues. This course requires each participant to take an MBTI assessment.

Eight Hour Agenda:

The one day training is designed with a 4 hour morning of instruction and a 3 hour afternoon of experiential activities. This schedule deeply integrates the concepts and provides opportunities for real-time feedback to participants on how to best adapt your communication. Most clients prefer the following approach:

  • Create list of training goals
  • Introduction to MBTI
  • Review of personality profile assessments and facets
  • Small group discussion and presentation of personality styles
  • Experiential exercises – how to communicate effectively with other styles
  • Practice adapting to other people’s personality styles
  • Team Challenge and real time facilitation
  • Debrief and application to the workplace
  • Set personal goals for participants


Four Hour Agenda:

This half day training covers the same instructional content as the morning of the full day.

  • Create list of training goals
  • Introduction to MBTI
  • Review of personality profile assessments
  • Small group discussion and presentation of personality styles
  • Experiential exercises – how to communicate effectively with other styles
  • Practice adapting to other people’s personality styles
  • Set personal goals for participants

1 and 2 Hour Agendas:

Some clients request a short introductory program to “test drive” a training. HR Managers might sense deep resistance by some team members or managers to any change programs.  It can be helpful to ease a team into emotional intelligence trainings so they can trust the training won’t be “Touchy-Feely” While some teams will dive in and start implementing communication trainings, other teams may not be ready. We also provide 1 hour Power Hour and 2 hour Double Power Hour MBTI trainings to introduce the concepts and provide one or two tools to use right away. These training are powerful because they use the 3 step transformative process based on the research of Kurt Lewin and Chris Argyris. We don’t do boring power point lectures! We have the same guarantee for all of our programs.

Contact us for more information. We are responsive and confidential. We train in Denver, Boulder, across the beautiful Front Range in Colorado and beyond.