This was an outstanding program, tailored to support the needs of our team. The delivery was adjusted by the instructor to fit what the team needed. Excellent all around.

Jason, NASA

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Diversity Training in Denver

Government Agencies & Corporate Diversity Training in Denver

A homogenous workplace is a thing of the past and the workplace is getting more diverse every year – is your staff prepared, educated and aware? Thankfully, diversity comes in many forms and when understood and cultivated, leads to team development and greater multiplicity of thought, opinion, creativity and productivity. Ultimately valuing diversity is a celebration of our individual uniqueness as well as our collective commonality. If you are looking for engaging, fun AND productive Corporate Diversity Training in Denver, look no further than Transformative Training. Corporate Diversity Training in Denver has been shown to:

  • Raise employee retention and lower turnover costs
  • Optimize employee satisfaction and creativity
  • Manage and protect your reputation
  • Reduce your risk
  • Prepare employees for a global marketplace
  • Educate employees about changing demographics

This Corporate Diversity Training in Denver program can be scheduled as a half-day training, or 1 or 2 day
training depending on your learning objectives. We will work with your HR staff to
customize our curriculum to meet your organizational and legal requirements.

Half-day curriculum:

  • Defining Diversity
  • Dimensions of Diversity
  • Diversity Self-Assessment
  • Workplace Trends
  • Experiential Diversity Game and Discussion
  • Application to the Work Environment

Full-day curriculum – Above activities plus:

  • Leadership and Diversity
  • States of Change
  • Case Studies
  • Cross-Cultural Simulation Role Play and Debrief

Two-day curriculum
Second day is customized to your organizational goals and objectives. Or, you may
want to add a day of DiSC Personality Style training, which is an ideal complement to
Corporate Diversity Training in Denver.

At Transformative Training we understand that diversity is an important and sensitive
training topic and our approach is dynamic, fun, inclusive and sensitive. Call us today for a free needs assessment and let us create the Corporate Diversity Training in Denver program that is a unique reflection of your organization. We provide diversity training in Denver, Colorado and beyond.