DISC Personality Style Training for Teams

Why DISC Personality Style Training? When clients tell us that their team isn’t getting along well and there are a lot of misunderstandings, or they want to have better communication, build trust and team work, we recommend our ½ day DISC training. Our DISC...

Increase Accountability in the Workplace

Lack of accountability is a problem in many organizations we work with. Watch this short tip video to learn how we worked with this issue with one of our clients.

How to Adapt to Millennials in the Workplace

I had a federal government agency recently ask me to do a training on “how the heck do we work with millennials in the workplace?” I thought it was a funny question, given that millennials have been in the workplace for 15 years now. As a matter of fact, the next...

Conflict Management Training in Denver

Conflict Management Training in Denver How does your personality style influence how you deal with conflict? In this new training, we combine DiSC personality style preferences with Conflict Management Training in Denver. The DiSC folks have done it again – they...